About Katy Crayon!

I’m Katy, an art student and bento enthusiast. I have always been interested in the traditional arts of Japan, especially that of the geisha and kimono. In my studies and my trip to Japan, I discovered a love of Japanese cuisine and I was impressed by how artfully prepared and presented food is in Japanese society. Coming from a culture where lunch means McDonalds or brown-bagging it, I wondered how I could incorporate art into my own lunch.

So I consulted the Internet! After poking around various Japanese hobby websites, I discovered bento. I mentioned bento to my mother, who remembered my interest, and bought me my first bento set and bento supplies for Christmas. The rest is history.

I live in Ohio with my husband and our two miniature dachshunds, Schnitzel and Roxie.

Me with the maiko (apprentice geisha) Toshiyui. Taken in Kyoto, Japan, August 2008.

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