Restaurant Review: Spicy Tuna

With the help of a friend, I have recently started a kimono club in my area. And it has really blossomed! Within a week of starting, we have thirty members, including geisha and samurai enthusiasts, a kanzashi maker, and cosplayers. All are interested in kimono! I think this is really awesome. For awhile I felt pretty alone in the area; sure, I knew one or two other people that might have shared my interests, but I thought we were just weirdos in a cultural dead zone.  Not so! Now we have the Northwest Ohio Kimono Club, and last night was our first meeting at a swinging little sushi bar called Spicy Tuna. If you are looking for good eats in the Northwest Ohio/Southeast Michigan area, definitely check this place out. Half of sushi and sake on Wednesdays!

Here’s  review and some pictures!

STYLE: Japanese
HOURS: Monday-Thursday: 11:30 am-10:00 pm, Friday-Saturday: 11:30 am-2:00 am, Sunday 11:30-9:00 pm
PRICE RANGE: Moderate. Lunch $7-$15, dinner $9-$20 for entrees. Sushi prices vary. Wednesdays are haf off specific rolls.
KATY CRAYON”S RATING: **** out of 5.

REVIEW: Great atmosphere and great fun. It’s not your typical sushi joint. Traditional Japanese decor is replaced with more modern Asian-esque art and anime-style murals. Chinese dishes are served as well as Japanese, and there are vegetarian options, so there’s a little something for everyone. The food was really good (as was the sake!), but there was a slight problem: we had a party of 15 (we had made reservations for 10!), almost all of us ordered sushi, and there was one sushi chef. I had finished my appetizer, dinner, and dessert before some of out party had gotten their entrees. I doubt that’s typical…the poor sushi chef looked like he was ready to curl up into a ball. The staff more than made up for the waits with some complementary items. My $7 dessert was on the house, some people got free sake or martinis.

Spicy Tuna also offers a pool room, though they do leagues on Wednesday night so if you go on Wednesday for the half-off sushi and sake, don’t expect to play pool. I do recommend checking the place out, though, especially if you are looking for good Asian food with a good experience along with it!


The sushi that my hubby and I split: philly roll, tuna and crab, eel and avocado, spicy california:

Dessert? Mochi ice cream! I had plum, mango, and vanilla. I loved the presentation!

The kimono wearers of the group:

The tenticle monster in the pool room:

Too see more pictures, check out my flickr page!

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